Hello my name is Caren and I am passionate about the Burmese breed, I am an inspected Licensed member of the GCCF Breeder Scheme (the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy under prefix ‘BallintoyBurmese)


I have built an excellent reputation for very well socialised confident happy kittens .

The Burmese cat is known to have a very dog-like personality, loving nothing more than to follow its owners around the house and participate in everything they do. This is their way of getting all the attention they crave, while at the same time showing their owners how much they love them. They are strong, athletic, and graceful cats that are characterised by a beautiful, shiny coat. Male cats tend to be slightly larger than their female counterparts, but both are loyal and affectionate, which are just two of the reasons why the Burmese has remained such a popular companion and family pet throughout the centuries. If you are interested in adopting a kitten head over to our message page and drop me an enquiry . 

Your kitten will be

GCCF Registered certificate

Generation history certificate


Fully vaccinated


Insured (5 weeks free)

Hypokalaemia free lines ( this is a genetic disorder)

Hereditary clear of HK and GM2

Litter trained

comprehensive care guide

Up to date Vaccination card

Contract of ownership